Designs that Inspire

A Kenji Designer is an artist. They take inspiration from life and their environment. Every job that they accomplish is not just a piece of work, but their pride and commitment into it. We at Kenji Design almost always impresses our clients with our artistic talents and designs that match or surpass even big names out there. We are proud of our contemporary works that convey modern elements, with clean and clear visuals that bring out the intended message.


We are a growing company, and though small we may be, our standards, quality, attention to detail and work ethics are second to none. When you hire a Kenji Designer, you get his promise. Like the Japanese, when they undertake a task, they give their best and they do not stop until that task is done. It is their honor and pride to complete a task and they do so with complete professionalism.

Experienced Hands

Empowering Kenji Design is a pool of talented designers who worked on many different projects and have proven themselves to be the best at what they do. Our artists pride themselves on their work and only churn out first class stylistic designs as their norm. We may be new in the market, but our hands have been thru it all.

Kenji Design is a company that understands you and your company’s communicational messaging needs. That is why we consist of 3 cores that is Design, Advertising and Print. Whether you are a company, individual, or professional, we make your ideas and concept come to life.


Our creativity knows no bounds, and we will use it to come out with mesmerising and eye catching designs that will grab your audiences attention no matter where they are. We can create new and amazing concepts, or we can work with existing ones that you have, it doesn’t matter. Whether its a new wine label, or your next book cover – speak to us about what you need created. Our imagination is the only limit.


For clients who needs their design in a physical form, Kenji Design offers various types of printing services for them. From large size banners that hang from sides of a building; to small little ang-bao packets. Speak to us to determine what type of printing suits your needs, and dont forget to take a look at our collection of print services that we have on offer.


Be it on social media, a pamphlet, poster or even a customised website, we have the tools to do it. Whats the use of an awesome promotional campaign if nobody knows about it? What’s more sad than a beautiful piece of artwork that only stays at home? Let us help you shout it out and let the whole world know of your masterpiece!

Our Happy Clients: