Kenji Design is the brainchild of Joe Kenji, a designer by trade and a solopreneur by wish. He started this endeavor to exit the rat race, and to be able to contribute to society on his terms. He uses the skills that he has learnt so far and has helped clients and people around him to further boost their business in this highly competitive market which now relies heavily on arts and design.

Joe Kenji is multi-talented, as he has self taught himself all the skills that he has now, as he feels that reliance on outside factors considerably reduces work quality and cohesiveness of the overall project or design. He specialises in vector graphics, creating designs that can be enlarged infinetly without losing any detail but also has excellent skills in photomanipulation as well as photography needs. Recently he has gotten into website building, and specialises in WordPress. This website is the result of his hard work and self learning. As he progressively increases his knowledge about the needs of the community in terms of graphics, promotions and website skills, he will provide them to clients who trusts that he will do a truly good job for them.