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Vector Logos

A Logo is an important identity of a company. It identifies the company, and it visualises; summarises what a company does in a single icon. Our Logos are all vector based, which means they can be resized and still look sharp no matter how big your print is. Have a look at some of our works, and see if it’s not to your liking.


We may have stepped into the modern day where people spend most of their time infront of a screen, but print advertising is still relevant, and many still understand the power of a physical copy and continues to put their advertising budgets into creating eye-catching printable materials. We have worked from brochures to banners and everything else in between.


An image could represent a thousand words, and sometimes things are better seen than read. We have made plenty of ordinary photos into extraordinary ones, and we have pictures that are out of this world. Lets change your stock product photo into something that would attract masses to look at it – and of course buying it!


After spending months customizing our proprietary theme, we are now equipped with the necessary tools to create websites that are stunning, interactive and of course usable. Art By Kenji is our proud creation that you are browsing on now. If you like what you see, speak to us and lets find a way to make your website awesome too.

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Vector Logos

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