Our Services

Logo Designs

We design logos using vector drawings; meaning you never have to worry about the quality of the logo image no matter how large you are going to print your logo out. This also means that the logo’s we create are universally compatible with most known systems and have an invisible background should you want to place it on a coloured object. We can work on existing designs should you just want to refresh the look and feel of your brand or we can design a logo from scratch based on how you want your brand to be known. We have various packages for logo designs to suit various needs. Contact us for more info.


We can work on your promotional material, get the look and feel of a particular product or even design the cover of your next book. Graphics are a very important tool in conveying your message to consumers. The difference between a poorly designed campaign banner and one that is done properly will affect the sales outcome of your campaign. Kenji Designers are more than willing to work with clients to make sure that even the copy that goes in the images or promotional campaign go hand-in-hand with the design and feel to maximise the impact towards consumers. Contact us to enquire how we can help boost your sales.


From name cards to brochures and banners, we do a myriad of tasks involving printing, and of course the designs of these prints. So, leave the headache of who to print your material, and let us do the running. Kenji Design provides a one-stop shop for you get customised, original and high grade designs as well as getting them printed for you – minimizing hassle and allowing you to maximise your time in doing other productive things. Do take a look at our various prints and services below.

Customised Websites

In this day and age, it is not enough to just have a brick and mortar shop for your products and services. With the introduction of mobile phones and tablets, the world has shifted towards the internet age, and now money shifts at the click of a button. If you understand the importance of this, and would like to have a proper customized website to fulfill this gap, let us know your needs as we are able to create full functioning websites that are mobile friendly as well. With our knowledge in both graphics and design combined with the technical know-how for web development, rest assured that we create one of the best looking website you will ever have.

Aerial Photography

With our new investment into drone technology, this has allowed us to expand our services into providing aerial photography for customers who want to get images from a better perspective. From filmaking, to getting that next postcard quality picture, to shouting out your next unbelievable instagram shot, we have the piloting skills to get it done for you. With up to 4K 30fps quality videos at 100mbs, we can capture all the finest details you will need for your next big project.